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The Best Dreamcast games of all time

In case you weren't paying attention in 1999, the situation for the Dreamcast wasn't ideal. Coming off of the disastrous Saturn boondoggle, the Dreamcast seemed like a beacon of hope--Sega's preemptive strike on the next generation, with gloriously crisp-looking graphics and a bevy of exciting early releases. And it was great, with the console playing host to some of Sega's most creative games of all time, not to mention stellar third-party exclusives. Our list of the best Dreamcast games includes puzzle games, fighters, RPGs, sports, racing, rhythm, and typing (yes, typing). The Dreamcast was a glorious buffet of gaming excellence. 

Yet, while the games were fantastic, the Dreamcast itself didn't catch on as quickly as Sega needed, and the release of the PlayStation 2 sapped a lot of momentum from the little white console. Sega pulled the plug on active Dreamcast support in March 2001, with the last officially licensed games coming out within a year's time. Our time with the console was all too brief, but it's still home to some fantastic experiences. Here are the best Dreamcast games of all time.

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