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Which PlayStation Plus games are free in August?

The PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection is a bit short on AAA power in August, but if you're into naval-style space combat or competitive tower building… well, it's gonna be a pretty good month. They should start rolling out on Tuesday, August 2. And remember that you'll retain access to all the free games you've "purchased" at any point for as long as you stay subscribed to PS Plus.

Rebel Galaxy (PS4):  Pilot a huge ship in a procedurally generated universe as a trader, soldier of fortune, or even a salty space pirate. The metagame is very Elite, but the combat is much more Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag.

Tricky Towers (PS4): Compete in two-to-four player local and online multiplayer as you try to build a stable tower while messing up your opponents with nefarious spells. To keep the comparison train rolling, it's sort of like Tetris meets Puzzle Fighter.

Yakuza 5 (PS3): If you've never tried a Yakuza game before, they are… very unique. So taking a free tour of the Tokyo underworld with Yakuza 5 is an ideal entrance to the mini-game filled, open-world brawling series. Don't worry about catching up with the plot too much, just enjoy the ride.

Retro/Grade (PS3): Turns out playing a shoot-em-up in reverse yields an impressively inventive, perfectly flow-inducing rhythm game. Who knew!

Patapon 3 (PS Vita, PSP): Use the face buttons like a set of war drums to deliver commands to your Patapon army in strategic battles. Patapon 3 adds a bunch of new multiplayer options to the series, and with a bunch of people picking up the game you should actually be able to find a match.

Ultratron (PS Vita, PS3, PS4): Take Robotron 2084, get rid of those pesky humans in need of rescue, add a deep progression/customization system, and you have Ultratron. Also there's exploding fruit bombs.

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