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Batman - The Telltale Series will have online multiplayer that makes sense

The new Batman episodic adventure series from Telltale will let you share the guilt of making gut-wrenching decisions with friends and strangers alike. The developer revealed at Comic-Con that Batman and all of its future games will have an online-connected Crowd Play option, ShackNews reports.

Telltale has used the internet to show players how their in-game choices lined up with the masses for years. Crowd Play is like a live version of that, but you don't need a copy of the game to make your preferences known. If the main player has enabled Crowd Play, all you need to do is punch in an automatically generated URL into your smartphone or other browsing device and you can start voting on decisions as they pop up. The main player will see the votes tallied live, and depending on which Crowd Play option they chose at the beginning, the most popular candidate will either be automatically chosen or just highlighted.

Crowd Play can support thousands of voters, which makes it sound ideal for Twitch streamers and the like. Unfortunately, issues with latency (live streams are often on a 15-30 second delay, for instance) make it difficult to square with Telltale's trademark limited-time choices, but it's still an option. The ideal scenario seems to be a living room full of shouting, opinionated spectators.

Whether as a lone vigilante or collective crime-fighting intelligence, you can start playing the first episode of Batman - The Telltale Series when it's released on August 2. Don't forget to check out our impressions of its first 30 minutes until then.

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