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Gold Making: Farming for Whelplings

The whelpling family are very desirable as both companions and battle pets. This guide shows you where to farm them and also provides some extra hints to maximize your profit potential!

   For those that enjoy farming for items pet farming can be a rewarding task. The drop rate for some pets can be low but offer a high price on the auction house in return.  An example of this is the whelpling family which are amongst some of my best sellers with regards to battle pets.  They are all found out in open zones which allows players to farm for them as much as they wish rather than being constrained to instances and weekly lockouts. Within this guide I will show where to farm each of the trade-able whelpling pets and give you hints to maximize your farming potential. Although it is entirely feasible to sell these pets at level 1, I highly recommend you quickly level them to level 25 using my garrison pet leveling guide.  This will not only increase the pets value (and your profits) but it will also increase the pets sale-ability. You can find my garrison pet guide .  Make sure you check out the "Deebs, Tyri and Puzzle" fight to help you level your pets in 5-10 minutes! For each whelpling I will be posting an average pet price.  This value is a global average of the pet (taken at time of writing from ) and it may fluctuate depending on your server population and region.  I will also give a comparison between the level 1 and the level 25 price. Lastly, I recommend downloading and installing the addon .  It is by no means essential, however it useful when farming for battle pets (and also mounts).  It helps to track your total kills when farming for a particular drop, giving you an indication as to how "lucky" you are.  It is also useful in helpinf to confirm that the mobs you are killing are the correct ones.There are currently 5 trade-able whelplings in game:The  can drop from all mobs in Winterspring.    Average price at level 1: 21k Average price at level 25: 27k Drop Chance: ~1 in 10000 Owned by ~22% of players () With a low drop chance this pet can be fairly frustrating to farm, however it commands the highest price out of all the whelpling pets.  Even though all mobs have the same drop rate it is possible to increase your overall gold making potential / efficiency.  This is done through farming mobs that also drop transmog gear.  This ensures that your time is not "wasted" as you will still have items to sell if you are unsuccessful in obtaining the pet itself. I recommend killing mobs inside the yeti cave just to the south east of Everlook (67,54) and also around Lake Kel'theril.  Both locations can yield a range of valuable items such as , and . Another particular mob to farm is the just to the north east of Everlook.  It has been rumoured that these have a chance to drop .The drops from black whelplings in a number of different locations including Dustwallow Marsh, Wetlands and the Badlands.  Average price at level 1: 8k Average price at level 25: 12k Drop Chance: ~1 in 1000 Owned by ~30% of players () The Dark whelpling is one of the more common whelpling drops, however it still commands quite a high price. The outside Onyxia's Lair in Dustwallow Marsh reportedly have a higher drop rate than other areas, however the  which is located in the Wetlands has a chance to drop both the Dark Whelpling and the Crimson Whelpling.  Be aware these are a little spread out so ranged attacks and a  will help speed up your farming.The  drops from all mobs in the Wetlands.  Average price at level 1: 20k Average price at level 25: 25k Drop Chance: ~1 in 10000 Owned by ~16% of players () Although each mob has the same chance to drop the whelpling there is a particular location that I recommend.  At (67,47) there are several groups of mobs with an almost instant respawn rate.  This ensures you can mass farm very quickly.  Vendor mounts such as are useful as your bags will fill up quickly.  Sadly there are not many valuable items that drop from these mobs (although you will get some general cloth etc).   As above if you want to increase your chances of a pet drop the  will give you a chance at the Dark Whelpling as well.The  drops from in Feralas (north west corner of the zone around 46,9). Average price at level 1: 17k Average price at level 25: 21k Drop Chance: ~1 in 1000 Owned by ~22% of players () These whelplings are fairly spread out so as mentioned above, utilizing ranged attacks and  will help to speed up the process.  The respawn rate can be quite low, so it is advised that you use a realm hop addon as well (such as ) to ensure you are maximizing your time. An added bonus by farming for these pets is the potential to drop a  which contains a .  These pet drops from all mobs in Feralas and can fetch anywhere from 15-20k gold.The Bronze Whelpling is contained inside  and drops from Iron Horde mobs in the "updated" version of the Blasted Lands. Average price at level 1:10k Average price at level 25: 15k Drop Chance: ~1 in 500 Owned by ~23% of players () Like the Dark Whelpling this has quite  a high chance to drop compared to the other whelpling.  It is feasible to farm any of the Iron Horde mobs in the zone, however Okril'lon Hold has been known to be a favourite area for a number of farmers due to the fast respawn rates. Remember the pet is contained within  and only becomes the Bronze whelpling when learned and caged.I hope you find this information useful.  Even if you do not enjoy farming the statistics above may encourage you to at least check your auction house for cheap whelplings in order to flip them.  Personally, I utilize a combination of farming, flipping and leveling to 25 to ensure I can keep my prices (and profits) to a premium! Some of the whelplings have an extremely low drop chance, so try not to get too frustrated.  Rarity will help you to track your kills, which can be motivation or a curse depending on your outlook! Good luck if you head out into the World to farm and let me know of any of your successes below!

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