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Diablo 3: Season 5 Ends This Friday & Seasonal Stash Clarification - News

Season 5 will end in all regions this Friday, 15th of April. Didn't get your seasonal stash yet? Don't worry, you can still get it next season!

As we've already said, Season 5 will end on the 15th of April and Season 6 will start two weeks afterwards, on April 29. For the exact end and start times, you can read our article here. There is also a thread in the official forums, where you can share your experiences and accomplishments during Season 5.

Therefore, you have until Friday to get that extra seasonal stash tab, finish your seasonal journey or complete any personal goal you had for Season 5. If you don't earn the extra stash tab for Season 5, you can still get a stash tab for each Season you play, with a limit of 10 total tabs. In Nevalistis' words:


While stash space won't unlock for players automatically at the end of Season if the requirements haven't been met, failing to acquire a stash tab reward in a Season does not permanently prevent you from acquiring it in the future. Seasons going forward (for the foreseeable future) will have a stash tab reward; there is simply a cap to how many of them you can earn, that being 10 total tabs.

For example, one player could earn a stash tab each in Seasons 5, 6, 7, and 8 (that being the fastest way to to hit the cap). Another might earn them in Seasons 6, 7, 8, and 10.

Feel free to share with us your experiences and your fondest memories from Season 5, as well as what you are most looking forward to in Season 6!

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