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The coolest Ghostbusters toys ever – and what it'll cost you to buy them now

Whatever your opinion of new Ghostbusters – our reviewer liked it to the tune of three stars, while for GR+’s Dave it’s a perfect reimagining of his childhood – there’s one series element that will forever unite everyone: toys.

For three decades, the much-idolised films, spin-off TV shows and comics have inspired all manner of figures, accessories and off-beat merch, to the point that this feature could have topped 30 entries. That, like the comic strip when The Real Ghostbusters went on holiday to Margate, would have been overkill. Instead, you're getting 13 – unlucky for the Hot Wheels Ecto-1 and classic '80s Proton Pack, both of which narrowly miss out.

In plastic, video and board game form, Venkman and friends have been immortalised many times over – and these are the dozen-and-one ‘Busters toys no discerning fan can do without. (And the often Walter-Peck-extortionate cost of capturing them.) 

Image: Kenner

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