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Starbound Blasts Out Of Early Access On July 22, 2016

After almost three years, Starbound is heading for that final boost. Chucklefish is preparing the PC game for a July 22, 2016 launch. It will take off from Early Access, offering a galaxy of possibilities for players looking for a Terraria-style space-faring sandbox.

When it comes to Starbound, it took plenty of time for Chucklefish to planet. It was announced in February 2012, landed on Steam’s Early Access program on December 4, 2013, and has enjoyed regular updates in the years since. This past April, we learned the 1.0 update was on the horizon.

In Starbound, players take to the stars. They make a character, picking from one of seven races, and find the opportunity to take quests from a hub, learn more about the universe, and make astronomical discoveries. Those with a more creative mind can focus on colonizing and crafting, picking planets and realizing your own world. It’s also possible to go online and interact with other players.

Starbound is currently available through Steam’s Early Access for Windows, Mac, and Linux and on version Glad Giraffe.

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