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ZI Podcast Ep. 006: Leaked Hyrule Warriors DLC, Zelda in a Rut, & More Multiplayer

We're finally almost back to our regular schedule, though before we can get directly into the topics this week we do have a little score to settle in terms of our somewhat controversial tie in our E3 betting results. So we settle the score right off the bat with what I personally would describe as a come from behind, totally unexpected, victory. After those shenanigans we get back into our regular format.

leaked Hyrule Warriors DLCNintendo admitting that Zelda is in a rut

This week we talk about the , , and how Eiji Aonuma wants to make even more multiplayer Zelda experiences. We also cover a few fan topics and discuss at length some some of the joy and frustration in a couple YouTubers being outed for some extremely shady stuff.

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