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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Writer’s Detective Game, Her Story, Available On Android

Players must find the answers to a murder in the Android release of Her Story, but they’re buried somewhere within seven different interviews that are locked in fragments in an old police database.

Her Story, created by Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Silent Hill: Origins writer Sam Barlow, lets players use search words to comb through the police database. These words will bring up bits of each of the seven interviews, but only five fragments will show up for any given search. These bits also tend to be scattered across all of the videos, making it a challenge to get a clear picture of what is happening.


Players will have to listen for new subjects and key words to search for while watching these bits of video, which will give them new search options to try out. By slowly finding new bits of video and piecing events together, players will come to their own conclusions about the truth behind the woman’s words.

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