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ZI Podcast Ep. 004: Breath of the Wild & NX Speculation

We've arrived at our first episode of the Zelda Informer Podcast after the whirlwind of information that hit us during E3 2016. There is a lot to go over, but before I get into what we cover this week I wanted to note that we do not talk about our E3 bets in this episode due to Alfred having internet issues and quite honestly due to my life being so busy I have not been able to compile the results just yet.

Breath of the Wildinteresting newsto the NXfuture of the Zelda seriesBreath of the Wild

That being said it's no surprise we're talking about  and you honestly should be expecting us to talk a lot about this game each week as we get closer and closer to release, given that new news about the game is going to be trickled out over time. We also get to talk about the some  in regards  and a small tidbit on the  after releases.

last week's in person podcast

We're back to our standard format, though if you are curious for more demo impressions be sure to check out .

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