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ZI Podcast Ep. 002: E3 Hype Cast & Betting Special

Our E3 hype podcast has arrived a bit later in the day today than originally planned, but we hope you find the episode worth the wait. In fact, we have a special bonus episode, something we call bonus talk, arriving later this week where we go over all the other press conferences and some thoughts about them. This time though for our main episode this week, it's all about Nintendo, Zelda U/NX, and our first ever betting special.

My co-host Alfred and myself go head to head in a betting special that has some really high and naturally embarrassing stakes, dragging our guests this week (Darrin and Rabidluigi) into some intense E3 related questions to decide our fate. It's simply something you are not going to want to miss out on. In fact, later this week we'll be releasing a separate video of just our bets, that way you can salivate over them even more.

Of course, it wouldn't be the first ever betting special if we didn't have a little bit of a controversy. You can vote in the poll below to help decide the fate of question 5 from our lovely Aflred.

Outside of the bets, we talk extensively about Zelda U and our hype (in my case), or the lack thereof (everyone else) as we head into E3. We also go over some fan topics that all mostly pertain to Zelda U, save a rather interesting mention of Advance Wars. As always, stay tuned for our bonus talk and individual betting special later this week. Next week we'll have an all in-person cast that is sure to excite as we give our impressions about Zelda U like our life depends on it.

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