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Watch the Nintendo E3 2016 livestream here at 9am PDT / 5pm BST

Nintendo is doing things a little bit different for E3 2016. In previous years, we were treated to a full Nintendo Direct show, providing us with updates on the entire Nintendo library and upcoming hardware. This year we're getting one game: The Legend of Zelda. Nintendo has pushed its official NX console reveal to later in the year, so if you were looking forward to seeing what form the next console will take, you’re going to have to wait a little longer.

On the other hand, it sounds like we're going to be getting an in-depth look at the next game in one of the company's most beloved franchises. Nintendo will be livestreaming The Legend of Zelda NX/Wii U starting on Tuesday June 14 at 9am PDT, finally giving us a chance to see the game closer to its final form. We're still uncertain how much of the game will be shown during the lengthy livestream timeslot, but whatever they show, you can be sure to get every detail and post-stream summary on this page.

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