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Watch Destiny: Rise of Iron's official, non-leaked reveal trailers here

Alright, so there wasn't much about Destiny: Rise of Iron that hadn't already leaked. But at least now that Bungie has made the official announcements we can take it all in at our leisure. And there is a lot going on here, even if it sounds like Rise of Iron isn't quite a Taken King in terms of changing the game.

First up we have the not-really-a-reveal-anymore trailer. It has a particular focus on the story missions taking place in a new region of Earth, but it also teases a new Raid and the triumphant return of Gjallarhorn, the infamously good exotic rocket launcher.

 "Infamously good" because you might get kicked out of a raid group if you weren't packing one - though that went away when more powerful gear surfaced in Year Two. You'll be able to get a more contemporary Gjallarhorn through a quest in Rise of Iron, though the black-and-silver model is only for those who pre-order.

Destiny: Rise of Iron will be released exclusively on PS4 and Xbox One on September 20th for $30 (UK price TBA), and it will require both the base game and The Taken King to play. Expect more details to emerge at E3 next week.

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