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Watch the Bethesda E3 Press Conference 2016 here

Bethesda took a big risk in 2015 by striking out on its own with an E3 press conference scheduled ahead of the pack - and it paid off big time. Now it's time to see if Bethesda can match the excitement of Doom and Fallout 4 with its E3 2016 show this year, and there's plenty of opportunity to build on that momentum. We're expecting tons of new info on Dishonored 2, and we're hoping for some new reveals to go with it... maybe another Wolfenstein, or - dare we say it - the next Elder Scrolls?

For now, all we can do is wait to see what Bethesda shows off. And this page is the place to do it - you'll find the press conference livestream embedded below which you can watch on Sunday June 12 at 7pm PDT, and we'll be updating this article with a recap of everything Bethesda brings to the table in case you need to take a bathroom break at any point.

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