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Tales Of Link And Brave Frontier Are Experiencing A Crossover Event

Between June 6-26, 2016, Brave Frontier and Tales of Link are holding a cross-over event. 10 collaborative, in-game events are being held, starring famous characters and monsters from both games. As an example, Brave Frontier’s Fire God Vargus shows up for a Tales of Link challenge as a playable party member. Nature God Lance also appears.

Participating in the Tales of Link and Brave Frontier cross-over event will result in various rewards for each game. One of the Brave Frontier prices, as an example, is a Sphere Frog. In Tales of Link, you can get a UR Infernoblade Dandelga. Clearing every stage in one Tales of Link challenge will also give you a 4 star Vargas Sara. 

Tales of Link and Brave Frontier are free-to-play on Apple iOS and Android devices. Brave Frontier is also available for Windows Phones.

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