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ZI Podcast Ep. 001: Zelda U's Demo Shenanigans, a New Era, & Least Liked 3D Zelda Games

Hey everyone and welcome to our first ever episode of the all new Zelda Informer Podcast. In case you missed it, during episode 87 the entirety of the old crew said their goodbyes as they road off into the sunset during their final episode. After a one week break, the podcast has returned and been reborn into something all new and entirely different than what it was before.

news surrounding the Zelda U demoat Nintendo NY GameStop's none prediction... predictions about potential NX salesOverwatchOcarina of Time 3DXbox Scorpio
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Give the show a listen and let us know what you think about the new format and along with any other feedback you might have. You can send in your fan topics, questions, or general podcast related goodness to [email protected] You can support this podcast further over .

This week in our first episode we dive into some  both at E3 as well as . We also briefly chat about over the first two years from launch. We then tackle a slew of fan topics before diving into our favorite thing in video games this past week, where gets some much deserved attention,  creeps into the spotlight, and Nate wonders about the possibilities surrounding .

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