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Destiny's next expansion will be unveiled ahead of E3 on June 9

Bungie isn't waiting until E3 to show off the future of its sci-fi, loot-'n'-shoot, quasi-MMO Destiny. Instead, it will be revealing "the next threat that you’ll confront as Guardians" at 10 am Pacific / 6 pm BST on June 9, according to the developer's weekly update.

There are absolutely zilch, nada, zero details coming out of Bungie, but if a leaked poster is any indication, the next adventure will be an expansion called Rise of Iron. We've already scrutinized what this could mean for Destiny, but the short version is that it likely revolves around the Lords of Iron, some of the first defenders of The Last City. Oh, and we're really hoping for some pet wolves and new gear perks.

Bungie will vindicate us or spurn our predictions next Thursday.

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