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8 great games that take forever to get to the fun part

Moving from the fast pace of the big city to the quieter countryside is sure to bring an onset of culture shock, especially if Persona 4 is anything to go by. Your parents are off working, and have sent you to live with your uncle out in the sticks for the next school year. Meanwhile, there's a series of murders, a mysterious world that lives inside a television set, and a demonic presence that hangs over the town. Let's get to work, right? Well, hold on: first you have to meet everyone.

Yes, rather than skipping all the boring, real world life stuff, Persona 4 revels in it. When you arrive at the sleepy burg of Inaba, you'll spend time attending class and getting to know your uncle, your cousin, your classmates, the local department store, everyone in it and after around two hours or so, you finally get to the first dungeon and experience some actual gameplay. It's important to build these characters up (heck, you'll be spending the next year with them), but if you're not patient enough to meet them all, you might just turn the game off and miss out on one of the greatest character-driven adventures out there.

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