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The 25 best Xbox One games

The Xbox One has some of the best games of this console generation. Sure, there are a legion of distractions - the apps, the multimedia plugins, the camera powered by magic - but it's constantly tempting you back to play games. It's like some dark, rectangular figure in the corner of your living room: "Oh, you want to watch TV? I'll show you something far better". And there are some stellar games on Xbox One.

To help you keep up, here is our constantly-evolving rundown of the best the console has to offer. Opinions change (particularly when you consider how many upcoming Xbox One games there are to look forward to), so we don't include scores - our team of experts (picked from core GR staff and members of the Official Xbox Magazine team) has fought and very nearly died to wedge their favourites into this list. Enjoy the spoils of war.

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