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Doom Bloom — Pet of the Month: May 2016

April showers bring May flowers...sort of. With its three gaping mouth-blossoms and many sharp teeth, we're not sure we would want this 'flower' growing in our flowerbeds. Then again, it would make a great rodent and pest deterrent. Let's take a quick look at ! Doom Bloom is a vicious little that can be obtained from a rare spawn in Gorgrond. can be found inside a cave in Cragplume Cauldron in central Gorgrond. The entrance of the cave is directly east of Breaker's Crown flightpoint, and just slightly northwest of Highpass. 49.0, 53.6, for those that utilize coordinates. The rare spawn is level 93 and has the buff. The encounter is straight forward and is easily solo-able by max level characters. Beware its ability , however. This attack leaves behind pools of acid that you should avoid. Mandrakor has a quick respawn timer, so if you miss out on a chance to defeat it, don't worry! Another plus is that Doom Bloom has a 100% droprate from this rare spawn, but only upon a character's first kill. Subsequent kills on the same character will not yield the pet. Doom Bloom is easy to collect and has a unique look. It would do well in a garden (we ) and fits perfectly in any collection. Don't forget to feed it once in a while, but maybe rethink the plant fertilizer. Despite its name, the Doom Bloom is no shrinking violet. It's a unique pickup with a good amount of utility under its belt. Its moves have a particularly interesting setup. The move choices in each slot offer similar mechanics. In the first slot, there's a choice of two different damage moves. is Elemental and hits several times, while is a Beast move that only hits once, but harder. The second slot features a heal, giving the Bloom a bit of longevity. is straightforward, but is a bit more provisional, and functions best if your pet is the last one alive on the team. Lastly, the third slot features moves with crowd control on a delay. explodes after 3 rounds, dealing damage to and stunning the front pet. explodes the round after it's cast, but only roots your opponent's pet — they're still allowed to use their moves, but can't swap pets. Both moves deal an identical amount of damage when they explode, though due to Entangling Roots' shorter cooldown it does more effective DPS. Stun Seed's stun is arguably a more valuable crowd control than the roots, but both can offer excellent utility. The Doom Bloom is a fun, versatile little pet with a lot to offer. Just maybe take a Benadryl to avoid that deadly pollen count. Check out our forum thread discussion on Doom Bloom and submit your own thoughts on this pet.

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