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Bandai Namco profits slip, Dark Souls III soars

Bandai Namco's games business saw a drop in operating profit in the last fiscal year, a period in which Europe contributed half of its software unit sales

In the year ended March 31, 2016, Bandai Namco's Home Video Game Software segment shipped a total of 26.7 million units of software, 13.3 million of which came from Europe. The US contributed 8.7 million units, while the rest came from the company's native - and now mobile saturated - Japanese market.

Home Video Game Software is just one part of Bandai Namco's Network Entertainment business, which saw an 8 per cent increase in revenue to 321 billion ($2.9 billion / €2.6 billion). However, operating profit slipped 18 per cent year-on-year, finishing at 23.9 billion ($220 million / €193 million).

These trends were reflected in the company's overall performance, with revenue up 2 per cent to 575.5 billion ($5.3 billion / €4.6 billion), but profits down 8 per cent to 34.6 billion ($319 million / €280 million). The most valuable IP across all of Bandai Namco's business segments was Mobile Suit Gundam, which earned 78.6 billion in revenue, more than Dragon Ball (34.9 billion) and Yo-kai Watch (32.9 billion) combined.

The company doesn't expect much improvement in the current fiscal year, forecasting 580 billion in revenue and 35 billion in profit overall. Network Entertainment is another matter, though, with both revenue and operating profit expected to grow to 340 billion revenue and 28 billion respectively.

According to Gematsu, that progress will be aided by sales of Dark Souls III, which launched a week before the end of the accounting period. In the time since then, From Software's new game has shipped 3 million units worldwide, taking the series' total shipments to 13 million.

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