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MZ's RTplatform now has a leader

MZ has appointed a leader for RTplatform, the real-time cloud technology that will play a vital role in the Game of War developer's future direction.

Until last month, MZ was widely known as Machine Zone, the mobile developer responsible for the enormously successful Game of War: Fire Age. The launch of RTplatform marked what CEO Gabriel Leydon described as a "fundamental shift" in the nature of the company; MZ's audience is no longer just mobile gamers seeking a way to pass the time, but any entity - "from corporations to governments" - seeking a contemporary solution to real-time connectivity.

And that new strategy now has a leader. Nasi Jazayeri has joined MZ as president of platform, following a very successful run as an executive at Salesforce in which he oversaw the growth of numerous cloud-based products and strategies.

Jazayeri's name may not be familiar to many in the games business, but that is indicative of what MZ is trying to accomplish. Indeed, in a statement released today, CEO Gabriel Leydon described Jazayeri as "an ideal fit" for RTplatform, which has the stated goal of becoming, "the industry standard for real-time applications across IoT, Bots and Enterprises."

"The next decade of the internet is defined by engaging in real-time, everyone and everything," Jazayeri added. "MZ is at the forefront of this transformation with a technology that offers unparalleled speed, scale and reliability."

Following the announcement of RTplatform last month, MZ offered clarification that it will continue to develop mobile games as its "core business" going forward.

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