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Unity launches free Women In Gaming talks

Unity has just announced a series of Women In Gaming talks that will take place in Amsterdam, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Los Angeles this year.

"While talking internally about programs that would empower women and encourage participation in the greater gaming community, we realized we needed to think big, because it is super important that we do our part," said Elizabeth Brown, Chief People Officer at Unity Technologies.

"With that in mind, we decided to create a series of global talks to tackle some of the difficult throught-provoking topics around diversity, while offering women the opportunity to network and learn from each other about topics such as career building, leadership, strategic thinking and organizational dynamics."

The are no attendance requirements and the events will be free.

As we began to look at more ways to develop our employees internally, we realized it made sense to broaden our efforts industry wide," said Brown.

These events are an important platform for women to come together in a collaborative setting and learn from each other, which is key to ensuring their ongoing success in the gaming and tech communities.

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