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Diablo III Patch 2.4.1 Has Gone Live, and We've Updated (Most) Guides!

A small number patch is equating to large gameplay changes. Don't be left playing a spec that's "so last season."

Well, after a long wait, the Diablo III Season Six patch of 2.4.1 has dropped! This of course does not signal the beginning of the Season, which will begin Friday, however it is a great chance to look at all the new shiny objects that have been placed into the game. 

In order to have you hacking and slashing demons as efficiently as possible, we have begun a major update to all* of our End-game Builds, courtesy of the fantastic Deadset.

As a quick reminder of the changes to expect in Season Six, check out the Season Six Preview, or hit up one of the updated guides below:

So hit the comment box below guys and let us know what you think about the impending Season! 

*Note: The majority of guides are currently updated, and the remainder will be available by the time you hit max level!

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