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Hearthstone: May 2016 Card Back Officially Revealed

Although previously released in the patch notes, Blizzard have confirmed the card back that will be awarded to players for reaching rank 20 in the May Ranked Play Season. The season has been named "Shadowmoon Shenanigans".



Aid Velen and the Wardens of Karabor with the spiritually serene Shadowmoon Valley card back! You can only earn this mystical card back by playing Hearthstone during the month of May. ()

The main point of interest here, for me, is that it is possible that this backstory is pointing towards the next expansion or adventure being one where the characters start to fight back against the Old Gods.May 2016 will be the 26th season of ranked play. It will be the first season of the Summer 2016 Hearthstone Champions Tour. 


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