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New Overwatch Cinematic Teaser Released!

A new cinematic teaser has just gone live for Overwatch! It looks like Winston is struggling to find the words to express just how he feels about Overwatch being shut down.

You can check out the new teaser below:

This teaser has been released just hours before the re-launch of the Overwatch Beta for those that pre-ordered the game prior to 29th April. For those of you that haven't yet bought the game, you'll be able to try the game out for free on the 5th May-9th May. Make sure you're ready for launch by checking out some of our brand new Overwatch guides.

Due to the tutorial being from the perspective of Soldier:76, it's no doubt that many of you will try him first. You can check out our guide for him if you're looking for a strong damage dealer, or check out our guide for Lucio if you're looking for a more support-oriented character!

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