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Overwatch Comic Released: Reinhardt!

The next comic in the Overwatch series has been released, this time featuring our favourite hammer-wielding German, Reinhardt!

This comic follows the story of Reinhardt and a female, but their relationship is not stated. Given that her name is Brigitte, she doesn't match the profile of any currently implemented Overwatch heroes. She certainly has knowledge of the construction and maintenance of Reinhardt's suit, as well as of Overwatch, but whether or not this means she is simply an agent as well is not declared. 

The pair stumble upon a town that is overrun by a gang, seeking to extort money from the locals. Given that this gang stands between Reinhardt and his favourite street food, currywurst, it's not surprising that some justice is going to be dished out.

Check out the full comic here. The writing was done by Blizzard employee Matt Burns, while the illustration was done by Nesskain.

You can also check out the comic following McCree's story that was released here.

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