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Blue Tweets and Posts: General Legion Updates #10

The WarcraftDevs Twitter has been busy putting out more information on Legion, as well as a number of posts on the forums. Check out some of the latest general updates!

Our first tweet revealed a hugely increased gold cap in Legion. It looks like the cap will be raised to 9,999,999 G, so there's plenty of saving to be done!

Some of you might have seen the planned gladiator mounts for Legion: essentially, unicorns. After some feedback from the community, the developers have instead placed the courser mounts in the Honor system, while the gladiator mounts will be infernals. Hype!

Our last tweet concerns the pre-release availability of Demon Hunters. It has since been confirmed that we will be able to play Demon Hunters as a normal character outside of their starting zone, as long as we have the digital collector's edition.

Over on the forums, we got some more information regarding the legendary items in Legion. It looks like they will be disabled in every instance of PvP, whether rated or unrated.

It looks like we're also getting some more information on the Order Halls. There has been confusion over the purpose of resources and whether or not the halls will just turn into a resource dumping ground. The developers replied as follows:

Order Hall Resources

The primary source of Order Hall Resources is doing quests. We'll be laying out the details of Legion's endgame structure as we get closer to release - it feels premature to publish a blog on the subject while we're still iterating on exactly how all the pieces fit together, as well as tuning. But Legion has at least as much max-level outdoor content as Mists of Pandaria did, except with a different structure (world quests complemented by one-time story moments) that lets us offer more player choice and day-to-day variation, to avoid some of the pitfalls of Mists, where we heard player feedback about repetition and burnout.

As for the subject of the thread, yeah, as Muffinus noted above, this is one of many different perks that you can unlock (or not), and is intended to offer a small time-saving convenience. If anything, it may end up being undesirable because of its limitations, and we wouldn't be willing to buff it to the point where it'd be truly "strong" because that would cut directly against the value, expressed many times here in this discussion, of actually going out and adventuring. We'll see how it plays out in further testing. 

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