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Warcraft Movie: Dwarven Blunderbuss, Empire Article, Warcraft: Behind the Dark Portal Preview

Duncan Jones tweeted a picture of a dwarven gun. Empire magazine had an article for Warcraft. Lastly, some artwork photos from the upcoming book Warcraft: Behind the Dark Portal were revealed.

Director Duncan Jones shared on Twitter this amazing picture of a box containing a blunderbuss and some bullets. You may recall from the trailers that a Dwarf was holding and showing this very blunderbuss to an astounded Anduin Lothar.

Empire magazine had a four-page segment on Warcraft. The article is about how Warcraft came into fruition, how Duncan Jones and Chris Metzen wanted the movie to be about both Humans and Orcs equally and some of the movie's challenges, like showing Orcs and magic properly. Redditor Reidor uploaded the whole article here.

It was also Reidor who shared on Reddit a preview of the artwork from the upcoming Warcraft: Behind the Dark Portal. This book will work as a prequel to the movie. Unfortunately, the text seems to be in Portuguese (if I am not mistaken), but you can marvel at the artwork images: check them out here.

Last but not least, I want to mention a trailer that was shown exclusively at PAX East 2016. Most of the videos containing this trailer aren't of great quality, since the camera is either too far away and/or there is too much noise from the audience. Some better quality videos were released the past couple of days, but they were unfortunately removed due to copyright infringement. At any case, the trailer contained more or less footage we have already seen; a new clip was that of Ironforge both from the outside and the inside!

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