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Legion Alpha: New Pets, Narcissa's Mirror, & Pet Battle World Quests

A new Legion Alpha build was recently released. Highlights include six new pets and a fun toy. [] We also have more information on the new Pet Battle World Quest feature coming in Legion. Six new pets were added in the latest Alpha patch. These include: Details on the requirements necessary to earn the PVP pets are still unknown, however Blizzard has a with more information on the new Prestige System. There were also a few changes to some existing Legion pets. Check out our list of all datamined pets from Alpha for more! There's a new pet toy coming in Legion that opens up a whole new world of costumed-pets. is a toy that's similar to the , but instead of costuming your character to look like your pet, it transforms your pet to look like YOU! Narcissa's Mirror has a 1 hour cooldown, and gives the targeted pet a . The buff only disappears once the pet is unsummoned, and it stacks with other pet enhancements (, , , etc.). Pets do not keep their costume while in a Pet Battle. But as long as the pet was not unsummoned prior to entering the battle, it should regain the costume after exiting. Most character appearances can be transferred to any of your battle pets. This includes gear your character wears, temporary character costumes (such as the tuskarr costume from ), and druid shapeshift forms. However it does not include spell effects like a shadow priest's . Pets that naturally hover and fly alongside players will continue to do so while transformed. On top of that, pets retain their idle animations and interactions. For example, feline pets continue to sit, sleep, and climb onto player laps...while looking like the player ! So where will this fantastic toy come from? Wowhead currently lists it as an item sold by a vendor in Breanni's shop in Dalaran (Broken Isles) for 1000 of an unnamed currency. It's speculated that the currency will be , however a regarding Pet Charms in Legion from Systems Designer Russ Petersen (@nite_moogle) may prove that wrong. We'll have to wait and see. Narcissa's Mirror will provide endless amounts of creative fun. If you can look like something, there's a chance your pet will be able to too. At least, temporarily. Players that reach level 110 in Legion will unlock new content in the form of World Quests. These quests vary in activity, such as killing elites, completing dungeons and even Pet Battle challenges. [] Opening the World Map will reveal two Pet Battle quests on The Broken Isles each day. These quests can pop up in any of the six zones (includes Dalaran). Each quest is tied to a faction, and completing it will satisfy one of the four emissary objectives. Example: Completing counts towards . The Pet Battle quests range from battling level 25 legendary and pets, to keeping your pet team alive for 10 rounds while taking Area of Effect (AOE) damage from the enemy pet. There are also standard rare and epic quality trainer battles, and even a quest that involves a pet that with full health (and can potentially come back to life repeatedly). There is a new achievement tied to Pet Battle World Quests, . It looks like there are 37 different quests so far! Here are a few other notable features of Pet Battle World Quests: Keep in mind that much of this content is still undergoing testing, and is subject to change prior to the expansion's release. We'll have more updates as Pet Battle World Quests are changed and refined during the testing period, so stay tuned.

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