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The New Hearthstone Metagame Begins To Emerge

With Whispers of the Old Gods only two days old, many people are struggling to decide which deck they would like to play in Standard. This article breaks down the key defining aspects of the new meta, to help you make an informed choice.

When a new metagame forms, it takes a while to reach any kind of stability. Not only are decks evolving rapidly, but people change their mind on what they want to play, and what they want to beat, equally rapidly.The new meta has to have a base level. This time around there are two driving forces for that base level. The first of these driving forces is the most powerful deck. On the first day, the most powerful deck seemed to be . The ability to play a 7/7 on turn three is a threat that you simply have to take seriously. If your deck can not deal with this base level of threat, you are going to have problems. The second driving force is a bit more unusual, and it is that  is free for everyone. This means that people are playing decks with CThun in them, not just because they are good decks, but because they are affordable. 


The next level of the meta is that if you don't want to build those decks, you still have to be able to deal with them. Due to this, rose to prominence very quickly, with Rdu becoming the third placed Legend on the Asia server with a version of the deck built by . With practice, it deals well with Shaman and most C'Thun based decks. Because of this, most C'Thun decks started to become decks as they put up a better fight against Zoo than other C'Thun decks. The new also punishes control, with being hard to deal with, due to the Spider tokens it produces being beasts. It also fares okay against Shaman.The final level is to beat the decks that beat the base level decks. If you stray too far beyond that, you just lose to a 7/7 smashing you in the face. At this point in the evolution of the meta, those decks are not being played, but people are looking to play more complicated decks. , , and are all decks that are fighting to find their place.Sottle has been working hard to keep you up to date with all of these decks, so take a look at the section, and pick a deck that suits your needs.

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