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First Look: Diablo III Season Six Rewards!

A fast look at some of the visual splendor you can expect from Season Six.

As we had reported prior, Season Six of Diablo III is shaping up to be the best-looking patch that has hit the game. The visual flair is going up several notches. In case you've missed, there is a summary here about the new farmable cosmetics, and now the information we spoiled in our Season Six First Look, has been confirmed. 

New to the list though is the Conqueror Armor, which is continuing the rounds as a cosmetic reward for completing the season. This time the chest and the gauntlet transmogs will be awarded for hitting level 70. 

The header image also nicely showcases the new pennant and portrait frame that are a part of the Season Journey this time around. 


The official post for the preview can be found over at, or by following the link here.

I know that I am excited to hit the servers at 7pm PDT here in the US. Europe is opening their gates on Season Six at 5:00pm CEST , and 5:00pm KST for Asia.

Are you guys ready for the Season? Hit the comment box below to tell us! 

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