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Legion Alpha: New Pets, Achievements, and Magic Pet Mirror Changes

New pets were added in the latest Legion Alpha build, plus new battling achievements with a pet reward. [] The list of pets coming in Legion is ever-growing; four new pets were recently added! In addition to these new pets, a handful of other pets have been updated. Including the Court Scribe, a total of six pets will come from Broken Isle reputation vendors. from Highmountain Tribe, from The Wardens, and from Valarjar, to name a few. Before purchasing these pets, players must first earn Revered with each associated faction. For a full list of updated pets, check out our list of all datamined pets from Alpha. There are currently 90 new pets coming in Legion, but there could be more! If you're looking for a Pet Battle challenge, look no further than Legion — there are 11 new battling achievements. These achievements will test your ability to outwit and outplay 12 Broken Isle Master Tamers using a team comprised only of pets from the same family. There are 10 achievements in total, one for each pet family, plus one meta-achievement that rewards the . Are you ready to take on this unique task? (Pet) Battles await on the Broken Isles! We recently discovered that the will be receiving a quality of life update in Legion. Currently, performing player actions such as casting a spell or summoning a different pet will remove the Magic Pet Mirror costume. This makes it difficult to fully enjoy the toy. Fortunately the toy will be getting an update in Legion, allowing the Magic Pet Mirror costume to persist through most player actions. These include but are not limited to the following. Mounting will cause the costume to temporarily disappear, however the buff is retained and the costume will reappear after dismounting. The Magic Pet Mirror costume will still be lost upon entering combat. With the ability to combine pet appearances and player spells, there will be some especially entertaining combinations. Just to name a few: Wearing the Magic Pet Mirror costume while using the Demon Hunter ability , a Mage's , and a Monk's .

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