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Diablo 3 Season 6 Live in Europe and Asia, Americas Tonight!

The season has begun in Europe and Asia, the countdown begins in the Americas.

Diablo Season Six has come to Europe and will shortly be gracing the Americas region. A quick reminder to the America region players, the Season goes live at 5pm PDT, or just over eight hours from the time of this news post. 

Reports from Europe (via Reddit) indicate that the European servers are experiencing a fairly large influx, and while it isn't Error 37 level, that you might have to wait in queue before playing. 

Whether you're in the Americas Region or stuck in a European queue, I have something interesting that might be worth reading through. Many of the Diablo community love the season, but find the 1-70 race a bit on the dry side. If that applies to you, I have a quick link to a Diablo Reddit post that will give some tips and tricks to get you 1-70 in record time. The post is by Herpderpenburg, and covers one of the most efficient leveling strategies that I am aware of. Even if you're not looking to min/max your entire journey, there are plenty of great tips to pick up for general play. 

The thread can be found here, and really deserves a quick glance. This guide has the potential to have a player hitting 70 in a very short period of time if they want, or even just helps to smooth out some of the slog that occurs in the 60-70 range.

Thanks to Herpderpenburg for putting it together, and I hope that our readers get some value out of it. I know that I have from his efforts in prior seasons, and this updated guide is no exception! 

See you in Sanctuary guys and gals! 

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