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The Month Ahead in World of Warcraft: May

With May fully underway, we're here to make sure that you're prepared for the rest of the month's events! Check out what Blizzard has got planned for the rest of May!

With the Burning Crusade Timewalking coming to an end on the 9th, you've only got 2 more days to farm out your badges and mounts! Once it's over, the rest of this month's bonus events are as follows:

  • Battlegrounds Bonus Event — May 11-16

    During this event, random Battlegrounds award Honor at triple the usual rate. Additionally, you can complete the quest A Call to Battle to earn 500 Conquest points that don’t count towards your weekly Conquest cap.

  • Draenor Dungeons Bonus Event — May 18-23

    While this event is active, defeating enemies in any level 100 Heroic or Mythic dungeon will award reputation with an appropriate Draenor faction.

  • Pet Battle Bonus Event — May 25-30

    While this event is active, your pets will earn experience at triple the usual rate. Get out there and battle with your mighty minions!

Peelyon's gold guide to Children's Week

For our holidays, we are coming to the end of Children's Week, so make sure to make the most of the last few days. can make sure you and your orphan and taking money baths for the next few weeks!

Blizzard's official post

You can check out here, in which they detail a few other events to look out for!

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