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9 games to hunt down if you love Dark Souls

Whether it wanted to or not, developer From Software started a gaming revolution. Many games hold player's hands through the entire adventure, but From completely rejects that design style. The Souls series reintroduces players to truly challenging worlds, forces them discover their games' intricacies with little to no help, and punishes carelessness swiftly and sharply. And we love every bit of it. 

This new (but actually pretty old) design philosophy got plenty of other game developers to follow suit. Now we have a whole swath of games (already released and several more upcoming) that scratch the Dark Souls itch while providing different ways for us to get our gaming egos ground into a fine, feathery dust. If you're looking for a new spin on the Dark Souls formula, these 9 games are ready to dish out your daily serving of punishment.

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