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Defeat Yokai And Retrieve Souls In Doujin Bullet Hell Shmup 食魂徒 – Soul Eater

Yokai have escaped from Limbo, and it’s up to the player to rush after them, extract the souls they’ve absorbed, and then seal them back up again in doujin bullet hell shmup 食魂徒 – Soul Eater.

Players will have little time to admire the game’s striking art style while dodging the various shots the hostile yokai are firing at them. Players have a choice between a straightforward attack and an angled one. Should players charge the Graze gauge by skirting close to enemy shots, they can begin the game’s soul collecting mode, absorbing them from the on-screen enemies.

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食魂徒 – Soul Eater features three different play modes and several payable characters. An English demo for the game is available to download on the game’s Steam Greenlight page.

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