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China accounted for 31% of Unity game installs in Q1

Games made in Unity amassed 4.2 billion installs in Q1 2016, and China represented almost a third of that total.

According to a new report from Unity Technologies, installs of games made with its engine were 30 per cent higher in Q1 2016 than in the previous quarter. Those 4.2 billion installs came from 1.7 billion unique devices, drawing from a pool of 220,000 games.

These are big numbers, but the most striking aspect of Unity's report is just how significant China has become to its global business. Around 31 per cent of those installs were made by Chinese gamers, equivalent to 1.3 billion in just three months. That's more than the next four countries combined, with the second biggest market (in terms of volume) being the US with just 11 per cent.

China maintained that proportion across both major mobile operating systems, with 32 per cent of installs on iOS and 30.7 per cent on Android. Overall, though, Android is by far the most popular operating system for Unity games, with 81 per cent of total installs worldwide.

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