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Here are the Xbox Live Games with Gold titles for May

Just Cause 2 (Xbox 360) - Available: June 1 to 15

Just Cause 2 is the ultimate open-world playground. Forget the realism you get in games like GTA, because Just Cause 2 is all about the grappling hook, which is at the heart of all the crazy antics you can take part in. Yes, there's a thoroughly entertaining story that has the highly skilled agent Rico Rodriguez attempting to overthrow an evil dictator. But once you grapple onto a flying helicopter and crash that thing into an enemy base while you parachute to safety, you'll just want to do that kind of stuff all day long.

If skulking through the shadows and stealing stuff is your thing, don't miss out on Thief. Unlike many other stealth titles out there, it's not enough to just sneak around choking out unsuspecting guards and scoring silent kills - you want to go completely unnoticed. Mastery means getting in, grabbing all the treasure you can find, and getting out without anyone ever knowing you were there. You have an arsenal of gadgets like water arrows, lockpicks, and your trusty blackjack at your disposal. But remember, if you get caught prowling, it's probably best to run. You aren't an assassin, you're a thief.

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