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Everything we know about Titanfall 2

Developer Respawn entertainment will officially drop Titanfall 2 on consoles in the near future, giving gamers another chance to parkour across rooftops and jump inside humongous mechs as a skilled Pilot. Only a teaser trailer has been released so far, revealing that we will indeed be riding around in robotic giants once again.

We don't know much about the gameplay, story, or the setting of the sequel yet, but judging from the few details we've been able to scrape together, we can already see that the game will be addressing some of the issues the first Titanfall was criticized for at the launch of the Xbox One. It's going to be interesting to see what changes the developer makes to the series from here on out.

There isn't a hard release date yet, but Respawn is aiming for an early 2017 launch based on an EA earnings call to investors. The dev team is said to have started working on Titanfall 2 back in 2014, which means the game will have had a solid two years in the oven, giving the developers plenty of time to build on the original concept for the sequel. 

Titanfall 2 is dropping its Microsoft exclusivity, which was assumed would happen when the developers started talking about PS4 support for the sequel soon after Titanfall's launch. The sequel will be hitting Xbox One, PS4, and PC giving all gamers on the newest platforms a chance to smash their opponents in a heavily armored, walking tank.  

One of the biggest criticisms of the first Titanfall was the game's disappointing story mode. Instead of having missions built specifically for a single-player, story-driven experience, Titanfall's campaign simply slapped character dialogue over AI matches in multiplayer maps. Players were pretty unsatsified.

For Titanfall 2, it seems that Respawn has decided to create a single-player campaign that might focus on more traditional FPS storytelling. Lead Writer Jesse Stern says that the campaign will be a "vision of grand global colonial warfare, retelling the story of the American Revolution and the American Civil War in space" with a setting that is "grounded, dirty, human, and real." Titanfall 2 may better explain the conflict between the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and the Militia, two groups who are fighting for resources in the furthest reaches of explored space. Now we might have a reason to pay attention to the NPCs talking in our ears.

The teaser trailer may have only given us a few seconds of footage from Titanfall 2, but it revealed quite a doozy. We see a smoking drop pod being discovered by a titan and when it comes to a halt, the bipedal mech shoves a sword into the ground. A sword! Titans had melee capabilities in the previous game but in the form of Rock-'em-Sock-'em-robot-style punching. Now it seems players will be able to take close quarter titan combat to a new level. Here's hoping there'll be some sweet execution animations to go with the new blades.

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