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Everything we know about Visceral's Star Wars game

We've known about developer Visceral Games' upcoming Star Wars project for over two years now, but details on it have been as elusive as an undercover, scheming Sith Lord. The developers are keeping a tight lid on the game's secrets, revealing only the slightest hints on what the game will actually be. But just because there haven't been any official announcements, doesn't mean there haven't been clues. 

We know who's writing the story, who's leading the dev team, and that the Visceral staff has been dropping some cryptic messages which hint at a popular lead character. Even without any hard facts, just hearing the rumors are getting us excited to explore the galaxy far, far away from a new perspective. So let's get to uncovering the game's mysteries and take our first steps into a larger world.

Open-world gameplay in the Star Wars universe carries huge potential. It could mean that we have free rein on a single planet, like what the cancelled Star Wars 1313 was going to feature, or we could be talking about an entire galaxy to explore. We'd much prefer the latter. This is Star Wars after all, and it doesn't get any more Star Wars than space flight and escaping Star Destroyers with a jump to lightspeed. 

The rumor that the game takes place in a open-world environment comes from early EA job postings which asked for applicants with a passion for the Star Wars franchise to work on a, you guessed it, open-world game. But because we're extrapolating gameplay features from job postings, you should take the purported open-world setting with a grain of salt.   

Rumors of the game being centered on Han Solo all come from hints we've been getting from the developers' social media postings. Images of the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo action figures, and cryptic tweets mentioning scoundrels have hit the internet. On top of that, there have been photos of a pirate flag featuring a stormtrooper helmet and crossbones - which suggests space pirates will be involved. At the very least, it could be referring to the scum and villainy of the galaxy (which Han has been known to do business with). And, you know, Lando did call Han an "old pirate" once.

It's entirely possible that Visceral's Star Wars game could be about Han. It's not like there isn't any explorable material around the character. We've never seen the circumstances around Han and Chewie's first meeting, or the events leading up to the Falcon making the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs, and it would be amazing to play those legendary moments in a game. But even with the Han Solo anthology movie coming soon, EA has stated that the future Star Wars games would be totally separate tales from the stories being told in the movies, comics, and books. So, don't expect the game to run through the upcoming movie scene-by-scene. 

If none of those esteemed names sound familiar to you, let's break them down. Amy Hennig is the former lead writer of the Uncharted series, so you can thank her for your love of characters like Nathan Drake and Sully. Jade Raymond played a crucial role as the Executive Producer on the Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell series. Finally, Todd Stashwick is better known in the TV industry, having worked on the Batman prequel series Gotham, but has since transitioned to gaming and will be lending his writing chops to Visceral's Star Wars game. All have been responsible for some impressive projects, and it'll be interesting to see what they can do with the Star Wars license. Now all we have to do is wait for an official announcement and we're betting we'll get a peek at E3 2016.

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