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9 seemingly simple plots that got complicated really fast

Max Payne was a mild-mannered cop with an unfortunate last name, eating apple pie and living the American Dream. That is, until the fateful night when a bunch of junkies hopped up on Valkyr, the latest designer drug, decided to break into his house and kill his family while he was away. This tragic event provided the impetus for Max Payne to bring the pain, and take down the drug smuggling operation from the inside. So he investigates some stuff for the DEA, makes a few drug busts, and gets a medal, right? Well

It's not that simple. See, as Max digs into this case, he finds a vast conspiracy, first started by the US Government in the 1990s. Valkyr was originally part of the Valhalla Project, an experimental program that attempted to create a super serum for soldiers that ultimately had some nasty side effects. Max's wife found out a little bit too much, the CEO of the corporation responsible for producing it discovered that she knew too much and, well, here we are. Oh! And let's throw in a secret cabal known as the Inner Circle, a group capable of influencing government actions, for good measure. I know government conspiracies are supposed to be complicated, but damn, this is incredible.

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