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The worst PlayStation avatars

Besides your screenname and actual in-game actions, your online avatar is the most crucial part of self-expression in the multiplayer realm. Other players are going to make snap judgments of who you are and what you stand for with this single image, so your choice of profile pic is crucial. Now, art is entirely subjective, and someone's definition of cool can range from a white tiger to a flaming skull, anime girl, or anything in between. But then there are those avatars that are basically the bumper stickers of the online world: quips written in giant text that are probably hilarious to the people flaunting them, and hilariously dopey to anyone else reading them. 

This distinct brand of regrettable profile pics isn't too common on Xbox One, but PlayStation 4 players have access to loads of garbage-grade avatar images, submitted by independent 'artists' who charge up to two bucks for the honor of adorning your profile with their work. Here are some of the absolute worst PS4-ready avatars you can find on PSN, along with what I imagine to be the inner monologue of anyone who thought it was a good idea to spend money on these. And if you're on the hunt for abysmal avatars to sport ironically, you just hit the jackpot. 

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