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NieR: Automata Details On The Recently Introduced Characters


We previously got a look at the latest action of NieR: Automata along with an introduction of two new characters. Here are some details on the characters we know of thus far.

Deployed as a member of the YoRHA android unit, 2B is an all-purpose battle model android. She uses a sword for close-ranged combat and a “Pod” as part of her support system that lets her attack from long range. Since she keeps her visor on for the purpose of battle, her eyes are rarely seen.

The members of YoRHA don’t have names and are all addressed by their signs. They are also forbidden from showing any emotion, but every model has their individual differences, with 2B being relatively calm and composed.


While 9S has some attack functions, he’s a model of the YoRHA android unit that specializes in investigative duties and gathers intel by hacking. Of all the YoRHA members, 9S displays more emotion than any other, and has a friendly personality.


The Model As are YoRHa prototype models that excel in close-ranged combat and are no longer in use, and were made for the purpose of the formal models in 2B and 9S. The A2 has a personality that doesn’t speak much, and often acts alone.

Nier: Automata is in development for PlayStation 4 and is expected to release sometime in 2016.

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