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Metal Slug 2 Running Missions On Steam

A Windows PC port of Metal Slug 2 is now available on Steam. For $6.99, players can help Major Marco Rossi, Captain Tarma Roving, Sergeant Eri Kasamoto, and Sergeant Major Fio Germi shut down another attempt at a coup by General Morden. This time it gets really exciting, as there are even aliens involved.

Aside from a plot that goes a bit off of the rails, Metal Slug 2 is also known for adding more weapons and Slugs to the series, as well as character transformations. Armor piercing shells, fire bombs, and lasers were added to Rossi and Roving’s a arsenal. They also can ride on the Camel Slug, which is a camel with a cannon on it, the Slug Flyer, a plane with a cannon, or the hopping Slugnoid, which has even more cannons. As for alterations, characters can become fat if they eat too much food in a level, slowing them down and altering some attacks, or a movement and attack-impaired mummy if a mummy transforms them.

The Steam version of Metal Slug 2 offers full controller support, achievements, cloud saves, and leaderboards. However, the product page also lists it as a single player game.

Metal Slug 2was originally released in Japanese arcades in 1998, before being released on the Neo Geo and Neo Geo CD.

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